Bachelor Party

In different country bachelor party recognized in different named. This event marks the transition from a single independent lifestyle into the commitments of married life.

In recent time, all bachelor and bachelorette parties have become a lot more innovative. Drinking and sexuality are no longer fixed activities at these events. This party is his final chance to connect in activities, which a new spouse might not support of.

This is an event where he spends time with his friends as after marriage it would be slight complex. A bachelor party is completely special from normal parties.

Bachelor Party Planning

  1. Firstly you plan the occasion well in advance, so as to avoid last second confusions. The place day and date should be set in advance and bookings also ready beforehand.
  2. Throw out invitations well in advance so that people come ready for the event and do not end missing it. Do not ignore to mention place and dress code or theme in the invitation, if any.
  3. Make a decision what type of party you are going to have. If you are going to have women, speak to the groom and see how he feels about it. After all, he's the one who has to face the bride.
  4. Avoid keeping the party now a day prior to the wedding. If the wedding is planned on a Saturday, stay the bachelor's party on a Thursday. That way, you get a day off to rest, take control and get free of that hangover!
  5. Food is the important of any party and if it is a bachelor's party, you never identify when it's going to end. So, make sure you have ample of food and drinks to take care of the guests' requirements.
  6. Music is a basic part and must to rock any party. Choose some hot and happening songs to give the ideal feel to your party.
  7. At the last part of the party, don't forget to sit in a round and share uncomfortable stories about the groom's ex-girlfriends and college venture