Beach Party

A beach party is a permanent preferred, particularly during the summertime. Beaches are synonymous with partying and the land is chock a bloc with party zones on every nook and corner.

Beach is considered as one of the mainly loving places on earth. Beach parties represent a lot of enjoyment amidst the sand and the waves. This is a ideal way to celebrate the sweltering warmth of the summer.

A beach party is the ideal way to loosen and relax after a long, overworked week. Beach party is single party which would need slightest planning and can be fun without much extraordinary arrangements.

Beach Party Craze

Hit the beach in a competition to earn the most money. In Beach Party Craze, the sand and waves are your domain as you work against the clock to provide food and drinks, purchase memento shops and keep your stores stocked with the best goods.

Keeping guests joyful is typical effort, but the sun-kissed colors and superb animation that leap off your screen will make it worth your time! With a funny storyline, dozens of upgrades to buy and addictive point-and-click gameplay, Beach Party Craze is definite to make a splatter with the entire family.