Beach Party Ideas

The beach is one of the best places for any kind of a party. Beach parties indicate a lot of enjoyment between the sand and the waves.

A beach party is the ideal way to relax and after a long, overworked week. A beach party theme adds additional enjoyment to summertime parties.

There are several activities for all ages group people. If you live close to a fine beach, have an enjoyable party there. If not, you can still have a "Beach" party at a nearby park that has a huge smooth play area or even in your own backyard.

Beach Party Game Ideas

Water Burst - The object of these games is tried not to burst the balloon. You require 1 water balloon for each pair of players.

Each guest chooses a partner and stands face to face. Start it 1 meter away from each other. The both players chuck the balloon to their colleague and try to take the balloon.

If you don't catch or the balloon bursts, you and your partner out the game. If you hold it, 1 person takes a step reverse. The final pair standing wins.

Seashell Hunt - Young guest will like going on a hunt for sea shells. With jug in hand. Blow your whistle, and let the chase start! Reward a prize to the first child to get a certain type of shell.

Beach Party Food Ideas

Smoothies - Smoothies are quick to make and much delicious. You can make this easy recipe for an instant classic: blend one ice-covered banana (cut into chunks), 8 ounces of crushed pineapple, an 8 ounce container of vanilla yogurt, and one cup of orange juice. Serve cold!

Soda and water - Offer cans of soft drinks and bottled water in ice-packed coolers for a genuine beach experience!

Bar-be-que - A baking pan of bar-be-que with coleslaw and buns is an perfect party food!

Burgers - Serve warm burgers with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise for the ultimate beach grill experience!