Bridal Shower Party

A Bridal Shower Party is a especially essential occasion where bridesmaid invites the friends and relative where they offer gifts to the bride for her new home.

A bridal shower is a special parties that are fun and practical at the similar time. It's a ideal time for sharing funny times, for relatives to give advice to the bride, and for friends to show their support. The bride is the princess of this party.

This is a very receptive party as compared to any other parties because a lot of people invited are from very close circles and the preparations have to be faultless. Invitations, decorations, games, and menu is the most essential part of this party.

Bridal Shower Party Planning

  1. The first and the primary thing that need to thought before throwing a bridal shower party is to make a decision the host of the party. Usually, a bridal shower is hosted by either relative, close friend or colleagues or by maid of honor or the bridesmaids.
  2. Secondary important thing is the time, date and place for the party. Be sure that the date is suitable for everybody. Also the time selection should be one when your guest will be most in the mood to socialize and party.
  3. After that make a decision whom all are you going to invite. It could be just close friends of the bride or relatives or both. Do not invite those who have not been inviting at the wedding.
  4. As for the decoration, the best think would be to use colorful streamers, balloons and basket of fresh garden flowers for the bridal shower party. Add some ribbons to houseplants to add to the pretty look. Use the decoration that can be easily removed after the party.
  5. Arrange for sufficient food, seating arrangement and use and throw plates and glasses so that you don't have to scrub the dishes after everyone has left.
  6. Do not forget to give your guests with a smiling face and what superior ways to bring that smile than with a party favor. Get a nice attractive favor; you can either go for keepsakes, mementos or even useful thing.