Christmas Party Games

Christmas is the wonderful time to organize different fun games to be played with family and friends.

Games forever put in the fun quotient to party and make the party much more exciting one. People, during this time of the year, are in a comfortable mood and really love to sit back, relax and enjoy Christmas party games. planning for a few party games is constantly the great idea.

The fashion of party games has so mounted that Christmas parties appear to be imperfect without Christmas party games. Special types of games can be set according to the age groups of guests and their likes and dislikes. Not only children, but adults can also participate in Christmas party games.

Christmas Party Games Activities

Here we have come up few of the funniest yet sober Christmas party games that can be enjoyed by people of all age group.

Carol with a twist - The game can be played in two way. You can also let each guest select a carol and sing it in dissimilar tune. Reward the person who sings it in the most original tune and beats. The other choice would be to get someone to sing carols in dissimilar tunes. The guest who guesses equally the carol and the original song correctly is declared a winner and gets a memento.

Musical Chairs - This is very old and always favorite game. With one fewer chairs than people, a short clip of music is played while the people go around the room. When the music stops each one tries to get on a available chair. The players who doesn't get a chair is 'out'. One chair is taken away and the game playing until only last person (The Winner) is left.