Cocktail Party Invitations

Cocktail party invitations are imperative for your family and friends. The first step to throwing a stylish, classy party is sending out the wonderful Cocktail Party Invitations.

Your cocktail party invitations explain just how much idea and thought you are putting into this special occasion. You can use the invitations card with designs featuring Martini Glasses, Champagne Flutes, Margarita Glasses, and Beer Mugs. You can also decide your color for the Cocktail party invitations to equal your decorations for the special event.

Cocktail Party Invitation Etiquette

A designed card should clearly state whether the event is a formal or an informal one. Through the invitation, you should be able to put all your thoughts in brief. Hence, make use of the most suitable words for the situation.

If you are hosting a casual cocktail party, then you should express the message in a bit casual mode. This can be brought about by the option of words and the design of the invitation card.

Invitations for a casual cocktail party generally carry some illustrations on them, which are related to cocktail. This may comprise wine glasses, martinis, olives, stir sticks, champagne bottles, etc.

Whatever the kind of the party is, it is very significant to mention the time, date and place of the party. Also, include your complete contact details including address, phone number and email in case anyone wants to contact you. You may also mention route map on the reverse of the invitation, which will be supportive for the people who haven't explored the venue before. Mention the topic of the party and the dress code, if any, in the invitation.

Finally, make sure you throw your invitation cards at least 2-3 weeks earlier the party. That way, your guests will be proficient to plan the program accordingly.