Engagement Party

The happy couple has sure to rotate their relationship into a lifetime loyalty and it's time to share the good news with family friends and all near and dear.

It's also occasion to introduce the future in-laws and also introduce your future spouse to your friends and relatives. It's a perfect time for family, friends and couple to share their happiness with friends and family.

An engagement party is generally held 2-4 months earlier to the wedding and can be in the structure of a simple family affair or a huge bash. Traditionally, an engagement party was planned by the bride's family, to formally announce their daughter's engagement.

Engagement Parties Etiquette

The party is generally casual than the wedding, so, it is better to arrange a little party or a get-together of family members, close friends, relatives and all near ones.

During an engagement party, usually, the father of the bride announces the engagement of his daughter and her fiance.

Engagement party is almost celebrated in the same way in nearly all the religions apart from certain variations according to their community and family rituals. Both the families swap gifts, sweets and good wishes. A proper ring ritual is then done to celebrate the engagement ceremony. The future bride and groom are then introduced to each other's family and close friend. A lunch or a dinner is organized for all the family members and guests present at the ceremony.

An engagement party is an occasion of enjoy and giving blessing of newly couple. Getting engaged is one of the happiest moments in a couple's life and an engagement party is a perfect way of sharing this wonderful event with the people they love.