Engagement Party Ideas

When a girl accepts a man's proposal for marriage it is really time to celebrate. Customarily, the groom asks the bride's father for her hand in wedding.

Engagement is a beginning of marriage. An engagement party is generally given as a seal of approval for the marriage. A well-planned engagement party is always a special event for all of you, including the couple, the guests and the both side family member.

Wedding Engagement Party Ideas

If you are searching for the best engagement party ideas, then you have come to the correct place. Below you get it.

Engagement Party Invitations - Firstly you send out party invitations to the guests and friends way in advance of the engagement date, so that they can ready their days accordingly. Than book the spot days before the engagement day as getting the preferred location may become difficult, especially during the summer.

Decorations: Any engagement party can not be complete without proper decorations. Although it can be kept plain using balloons and colorful streamers, an engagement is a happy affair. Everything about it should make the pair as well as the guests feel glad. Besides the heart form balloons and streamers, confetti and fresh flowers are the other basics of an engagement party. Banners welcoming the guests could be place up at the entrance gate.

Food - Food is a key feature is every activity, including engagement parties and weddings. Choosing the couple's preferred foods is a definite success at an engagement party, as well as buffet-system serving areas to endorse an informal atmosphere. Food can be matched with an overall theme (tropical drinks at a beach party, for example), or the engagement party may be an occasion to try out dissimilar dishes that may become part of the wedding menu, particularly different cake flavors. Barbeques, sweet dish, and yummy pizza are well-liked choices for engagement parties.