Engagement Party Planning

An engagement party is generally a time to celebrate the happiness of a recently engaged couple. It is the starting of a series of long festivities that finish on the wedding day. An engagement party is generally held 2-4 months before to the wedding and can be in the form of a simple family affair or a big bash.

This parties purpose the families of the couple to meet and know each other. Planning an engagement party is the very imperative part of celebrating one's engagement. As soon as the date is set, decide on the plan and make a guest list.

A well-planned engagement party would be a unique occasion for all of guest, including the couple, and yourself. By tradition this party was hosted by the parents of the bride, generally at their home or any suitable place which is ideal for the party.

Engagement Party Planning Ideas

Theme: A themed engagement party adds to the happiness of the occasion.

Usual customs of engagement can also be carried out amidst the settings of a themed engagement party. For a themed engagement party, one has to give value to details like garland, games and other activities. Ensure that all these basics are integrated.

Date - The date is very important thing. After getting the agreement from the couple, for hosting the party, is to set a date. Do not decide a date hastily and expect them to be available on the day, because it is not the correct way to approach the whole thing.

Decorations: Any engagement party is imperfect with good decorations. Although it can be kept simple using heart form balloons and colorful streamers, an engagement is a cheerful affair. The whole thing about it should make the couple as well as the guests feel glad. Apart the balloons and streamers, confetti and fresh flowers are the other basics of an engagement party.