Engagement Party Supplies

Before the craziness of the wedding planning start, but just after the excitement of the real marriage announcement comes the Engagement Party. You can complete with an elegant set of Engagement Party Supplies. Generally a fairly casual affair, this party can be a flash for everyone, with the right planning and Engagement Party supplies.

Basically, you are celebrating the future joining of two lives, so make sure that all of the essential items are present on-hand to hand. Engagement Party is not a small task.

Think about which of the following things you want to have on hand for the large day, and make policy to have them made up if none are in place already: Old photos of the engaged couple as children, growing up, and together; Courtship keepsakes; Engagement photographs etc.

Photocopy some your preferred rules as party invitations, and give the information of the party on the back, along with gift suggestions (keep them light and simple, such as a fondue set or gift certificates to go eat out the newly engaged couple won't have a lot of time to rest and cook while planning their big day!).

Take more of the caricatures, and blow them up to use as placemats, posters and centerpieces. Both use colored paper (and then use that as your theme color, along with the black), or use black and white for a simple, no frills look. Make sure to deck the rest of the party place out with balloons and crepe paper, and you're attractive much finished decorating.

The food should be informal as well, so present also appetizers only, or a self-serve buffet mode meal.

Everything that the to-be-wedded couple likes should of course be added to the menu. Top off the evening with a catalog for all party goers to put in to. They can also create their possess cartoon-style rules for the engaged couple (using felts and paper tacked to the walls) so that the couple can remember the after the day they tie the knot.