First Birthday Party

A baby's first birthday parties is undoubtedly amazing special for the parents, grandparents, close friends and all whose connect with this baby.

It is also potentially expensive as people spend a large amount in organizing a rich birthday party and on birthday gifts. This is a party that grandparents, all near family members and friends can not want to miss.

Throwing a 1st Birthday party and desire everything to be just accurate. Well, we have provided some ideas, tips and 1st Birthday Party activities for a successful event.

First Birthday Party Ideas

Date & Invitations - Make your invitations a inspired hit. Adorn them with quotes, graphics or sparkle stickers, relating to your chosen theme. Your 1st Birthday Party invitations should distribute about 3 weeks in advances.

That will allow guest to RSVP for the occasion. If this is busy times of year consider sending your invitations card a week before.

Decorations - Choose a number of pictures and mementos from your baby's primary year. Frame this picture with decorated construction paper and tape them on the walls in chronological order. Make a "Happy 1st Birthday Sparking Poster" with pastel colors, stickers, glitters and sparkles. You can hang this striking poster at the entry gate.

Food - Simple menus is good, that way you should be able to get everything set up rapidly and not worries about the food. Main focus on getting a good yummy little cake that you're One Year Old can destroy and have another that the guests can eat.

Baby Costumes - At your baby's first birthday party, choose a great costume and your baby will look damn cute and pretty. For a baby first birthday, a preferred outfit is suitable party wear, as long as it's comfortable.