Luau Party

Luau party means extensive meal in Hawaiian. Summer is the ideal time to throw a fun Luau Party. Luaus are one of most favorite parties in Hawaiian.

Hawaiian luau party contain invitations, decorations, games, activities, party food, beverages, party cake, party snacks, gift bag favors and costumes. A Hawaiian Luau Party is a grand way to meet friends, celebrate warmer weather and escape to the Hawaiian tropics.

A luau is a wonderful day or night time activity. Summer is the ideal time to throw a fun Luau Party. You can invite all friends and family member over to come dressed in fun Hawaiian clothing or wear something with flowers on it.

Luau Party Ideas

With the correct theme and planning, you can have yourself a huge Luau party with these ideas.

There are a range of options and ideas to prefer from, so go for the one that best suits your mode and budget.

  • Invitations come first where you'll require using a small creativity and thoughts. You can also use pre-made postcards but home made invitations magnetize more attention. Send out invitations that are not conservative or boring.
  • Decoration is the spirit of every party. Use a lot of tropical plants like fake palm trees and additional unusual plants like Heliconia. You can use Tiki torches to glow up the party and walkways. Don't ignore to adorn your buffet table with some tropical clothing and accessories.
  • You can also throw a costume themed Luau party. Your guests can come dressed up as Hula dancers, King Kamehameha or traveler. Leis and Grass skirts are a necessity and you must have satisfactory supply for you and your guests.
  • You can decide the games whatever you want to play. Games like Hula-hoop game, Pineapple bowling, Limbo competition and The Big Kahuna are various of the old time favorites. As for trophies, try using decorated coconuts or special Leis.