Masquerade Party

In modern time the Masquerade party is so popular. A Masquerade Party means so much entertaining. A party in which everyone comes incognito is a lot of enjoyable. Masquerade parties are the modern comparable to elaborate masquerade balls.

On Masquerade Party, every one disguised themselves with silly masks and costumes. The charm is achieved through the wearing of stylish masks, by both the men and women.

Masks have forever evoked a certain amount of strangeness. There is great fun in the guessing game in trying to spot who was who. Secrecy and mystique is of extreme importance, therefore all those attending the masquerade are necessary to wear complicated masks.

Masquerade Party Ideas

Party theme - Party theme is very important part of any party.

You can make more particular themes such as a Carnival-themed masquerade party, Mardi Gras-themed, or an old-fashioned Victorian-themed masquerade party. These themes will influence not only the costumes but the present and theme of the party itself.

Party games - You can arrange a game out of identifying one another. Hold a contest and offer a genuine, attractive prize. The person who has identified the maximum people wins.

Party gift - Arrange a gift bag as a parting gift for your guests. It should include some special mementos to remember them of this special night. Contain something cheap, some treats to eat and something really special and planned. You can use your imagination to make this party gift.

Decoration - Masquerades have been associated with luxury and wealth. You can decorate with 17th or 18th century decorations. For your tables, you can utilize gold damask linen for a wealthy, textures look. You can also place white lace runners as an attractive contrast to the gold. Put luxuriant flowers like roses in crystal vases, as your centerpiece flowers. You can also utilize big peacock feathers if you want it to look more interesting.