Office Party Games

Christmas is an extraordinary occasion to bring together office colleagues. Office party games is great way for worker to relax, get to recognize each other better and have spend great time together.

This office party game is perfect time for colleagues who don't know together. Any small or big get-together, if supplemented with enjoyable games and activities, makes an amazing celebration for you and your guests.

None of the least of gatherings is complete without games. If it is an indoor party or a gathering, you need to plan indoor games. Office party games can go an extended way to liven up boring and colorless office parties.

Office Christmas Party Games

Dragon Tail Tag game - This game will need four of your office-workers. First step is to ask them to create a chain. Then, the final person in the chain must be given a hanky. Hang the hanky in back pocket.

Main aim of this game is to take hanky of other team and to keep own hanky untouched. Last team having the tail will be confirmed as champion.

Musical chairs - It is one of the major favorites Christmas office party games. Adult person is like so much to become children once more.

Fill the candy jar - This is very much interesting office Christmas party games. It is very interesting game. One has to pack and seal a jar filled with Christmas yummy candies and keep it over a place where the jar is visible to everybody throughout the party. Everybody in the party is given slips of paper to note down their presumption of how many candies are in the jar. At the ending of the party, the total number of candies present in the jar is announced. The person whose guess was the nearby to the definite number gets the jar of candy.