Office Party Ideas

Office party is a great way to refresh and celebrate with colleagues and friends. These types of parties also give us an opportunity to have a healthier understanding of our social group.

For many companies, it is one big event to celebrate. A few months earlier make sure that you have booked advance all of the services that you require to such as the caterer and any entertainers and have sent out the party invitations.

If you want music you will need to arrange the band or DJ. .As you can see, with some preparation, your office party activities can be a big success and you and your team can be proud of it.

Office Party Food Ideas

  1. Before deciding the menu, judge the number of people who will be eating and what the subject of the party is. Take a poll of your member colleagues, unless the boss has already mandated what kind of food he wants. If the menu is not mandated, choose the menu stuff according to the party theme, the time of day of the party (morning, afternoon, or evening) and likes and dislikes of your fellow office mates.
  2. Calculate the total budget once you've taken a head count and decided on what kind of food to be ordered, but make sure you don't exceed the plan amount and keep within the budget limits.
  3. You can begin the day with some simple food items like tea, salmon patties, donuts, burger, muffins, fresh fruit trays with melon, orange, blueberries, strawberries, and apple, etc., to set the correct mood for the party.
  4. Keeping delicious and vigorous appetizers like spicy peppery poppers, breaded mozzarella sticks, egg salad on a patty shell, etc., will depart your colleagues pining and starving for the main course. Mocktails and cocktails are a significant part of any party menu; hence make sure there is range of options at the drinks section.