Wedding Party

Wedding is one of the major imperative milestones in a people life. This time brings varied kind of emotions to a person. It contains happiness, pleasure, excitement, nervousness and new hopes with generous amount of dreaming.

Planning wedding party is one of the thrilling tasks and it involves all the family members and friends in a huge scale. From traditional to modern, simple to exotic, every wedding is unique.

Everyone wants their wedding to stand above the rest. On this event every one looks to add a distinctive touch to a traditional wedding or want to be truly unique. Sometimes this pleasure results in lots of pressure and stress. But when all people help similarly it becomes magnificent occasion to be celebrated with all your family members and near and dear.

Wedding Reception Party

A wedding reception is a party held after a wedding ceremony. After the completion of wedding rite, the couple throws a wedding reception party. Different meaning is given to the wedding reception party in different countries.

While the various part of the world the wedding reception is considered to be more important than the wedding party. This is a very luxurious task as it includes detailed planning and arrangement. The reception party is adorned with stylish streamers, heart shape balloons and candle stands.

Mostly, people gather up for a lunch or light dinner in a reception. At that time the close friends and immediate family members of bride and groom toast for the well being of the recently marries pair. Commonly, it is the custom the father of bride gives the short speech and blesses the novel couple. With all the happiness and pleasure the celebration takes place. At the end of this occasion the bride and groom leave in a marvelously decorated car saying goodbye to all and begin their new life together.