Wedding Party Favors

The wedding day is a very imperative day in the lives of the bride and the bridegroom. Giving wedding favors to your guests is a grand way of thanking them for sharing their time with you as you celebrate your wedding.

The wedding parties favors will make them show that they are respected and cared for and also how grateful you are to them for being a vital part of your 'special day'.

Party favors are make the guests feel special about the occasion by giving out unique wedding party favors. It is the sign of love, warmth and sincere appreciation for accepting your invitation and coming to grace the most important day of your life.

Wedding Party Favor Ideas

Decorative and Sweet Smelling Candles - This is a good option

You can distribute the aroma scented candles in your guests as your wedding party favor. You may choose mid-sized aroma candles with unique shapes, for the purpose.

Chocolate Wedding Favors - Chocolate makes one of the major well-liked gifts you can give to your guests as wedding favors. It is a simple and chic way to express thank your guests. Small-and-large, young-and-old every age group people love chocolates.

Natural Bamboo eco friendly coaster - One of the preferred Asian wedding favors, these Natural Bamboo Coasters carry your guests a special wish, because bamboo is consider luckiest when it's received as a gift. Bamboo coasters add an unusual touch of the East to any setting.

Compact Mirrors - Compact mirror is a superb addition in the vanity bag. Hence, it could provide as the ideal party favor for women. In case of men, you may select for the design (for the outline of the mirror) that is not too womanly.

Glass and Crystal Wedding Favors - This beautiful favors definitely put in some shine to your event. Your guests will gleam in pleasure. Regal cuts and creative designs reflect beautifully.