Wild Party

There are many types of parties where singles, couples can enjoy there time with their friends and relatives. Like new years parties, birthday parties, beach parties and lots more.

Among theses there is one of the parties that took heart of wild peoples who wants to be part of wild environment. Namely Wild parties where you will find wild pop songs, exotic environment comprises exotic dresses,

types of hard drinks that mostly attracts young age blood who really wants to be separate parties celebration along with their girl fiends, neighbours etc. Besides these there are many more other features that took heart where ever wild party plans among the friends.

Like loud music, sparking lights, majestic dancing floor, beautiful gals also one of the major section of wild parties.

Wild Parties Games

BALLOON BURST - Every man sits with the balloon between his knees. The ladies have to sit down her selves on the knees of their buddies so that the balloon is burst.<

LIFT A BALL TO A CHIN - In this game each pair the partners (the lady and the man) position facing each other. They hold a little rubber ball between their bellies. The object is to roll this ball to a chin of the shorter partner by turning movements.

LIPS - The player who manages in a set time to get as many kisses as possible is "lips". The kisses are counted by the marks of lipsticks left on the players.

HIT A PURSE - This game contains several of partners. To the ladies waists tie large sham purses. To the man waists tie big sham banknotes. The object is to put the banknote into the purse. (While doing it the players should not touch purses, banknotes and strings with the help of which the purses are tied to the waists).

APPLE - Every dancing pair holds "an apple" - a small rubber ball - among their fore heads. The music changes from slow to lively one. The mission of the players is not to fall the ball while dancing.